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Here are the creators of JEANS! Enid Davis, lyricist, is seated. Caryn Yacowitz, standing center. Diane Claerbout, standing right.

JEANS!is a new musical play all about the invention of blue jeans, the pants that won the West, by pioneers Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. It's fun, educational, full of song and drama.

JEANS! can be performed by students 5th grade and older and is meant to be enjoyed by all ages.

JEANS! enjoyed a standing-room-only audience at a staged reading on February 8 at Capp Street Theatre in San Francisco. Over 140 people attended the reading, which was directed by Kay Kleinerman and featured a professional cast.

14 Songs
California history

Would you like to perform JEANS! at your school?

visit http://www.jeansthemusical.com
lots of good info on our brand new web site!
(Thanks to Jon and Diane Claerbout and Martin)